By digitizing their photographic archives, newspapers gain access to various technological benefits and reduce expenses associated with the storage, maintenance and retrieval of the physical files. We provide a cost-effective solution for converting newspaper’s photographic collections into complete digital databases that are easy to manage and and create a secure way to store and access your valuable historical information. Our service involves the scanning, keywording and text reading of the front and back of each photograph and the creation of a final index that follows the historic order of the archive preserving the original folder names and content.

Our searchable keywords originate from the 

readable information on the back of each file. This allows journalists, editors and other staff members to conduct comprehensive searches of information that was previously laborious and difficult to retrieve. Digitizing photographic archives also significantly reduces the need for staff to manually search through physical files, freeing up time and resources for other tasks. By using our services, newspapers  unlock the full value of their copyrighted material and ensure that their photographs remain relevant and accessible for future generations.To learn more on what we can do for your organization please select your region in the map below.